Boys Cell The Game

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    • Boys Cell The Game

      Spielname: Boys Cell The Game
      Angefangen am: 04.05.2014
      Fertiggestellt am: 07.05.2014

      Genre: Dungeon Crawler
      Plattform/System: PC/RPG maker 2003
      Story/Aufgabe im Spiel:
      So, way back in this topic I explained how I was going to make a game for an R.E. class where the kids designed all the different elements. That game would be unsuitable to put on as it was really based around in-jokes and contained personal information (and it wasn't that good).

      However, later that Spring I did a very similar thing with a boys youth group for 10-14 year olds, where I got them to design the different elements in the game, including the characters, special moves, setting, items etc. I then made the game for them in one, very stresseful, week and gave it to them at the end of the year.

      This is the result. It doesn't contain any significant personal information, and I think is actually just about playable, so here it is in case anyone wants to give it a shot, is curious about what the 10-14s designed or wanted to see how my idea of teaching religious education through rpgmaker turned out! Enjoy.

      Zusätzliche Informationen: Immer noch ein Playthrough ^^.

      Audio-Kommentar: Nein




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