MLP - Fighting is Magic

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    • MLP - Fighting is Magic

      Hallo zusammen :))

      Manche von euch haben es vllt. mit bekommen, dass das Spiel damals, dank Hasbro, nicht weiter entwickelt werden durfte.
      Jetzt gibt es aber wohl eine neue Version und ich habe folgendes gefunden:

      "Cancellation and new game[edit]In February 2013, shortly after the 2013 EVO voting selection, Hasbro's lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the Mane6 team; This was only a few weeks before they had expected to be completed with the initial version of their game.[14] They obeyed the cease and desist letter, halting all production and removing all assets from their website, while Mane6 attempted to enter legal negotiations with Hasbro. Artist Elosande resigned from the team.[15] The team also sought legal advice to fight the cease and desist but were told it would be an expensive battle.[14] Mane6 were unable to come to agreements with Hasbro and have since started to redo the game using new artwork assets.[16] They have subsequently named the new game to simply Fighting Is Magic.[14]

      Faust herself supported the fan effort, understanding the "irony" of a fighting game based on a show about friendship, but appreciated that "the original version of the game was that they made the Ponies fight in character" without resorting to typical fighter elements like weapons.[14] On hearing of the cease and desist, Faust contacted the team, offering to provide some of her time to create new characters for their game,[14][17] and her official involvement with the project was announced at the end of February.[16] The team accepted her offer; developer Jay Wright noted that "you can't copyright Lauren's distinctive style", and that while the game will still be unique, it will likely still carry the spirit of My Little Pony.[14] According to Faust, she was happy to provide "my little part to help Mane6 finish up this game in a way that stays true to the spirit of the original - but in a way that can freely be shared".[18] The characters in the game will remain four-legged as with the My Little Pony version, which Mane6 developer Francisco Copado believes is a first for a fighting game.[14] Silhouette teaser images released by the Mane6 team showed a trio of four-legged non-pony characters as preliminary designs for the new game, while as of April 2013, three additional characters are still in development.[14]

      The Mane6 also gained contributions from Lab Zero Games, developers of Skullgirls. Lab Zero had developed a fighting game engine, named Z-Engine, from scratch for their own title. Lab Zero used an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing effort to gain development funds, and having readily cleared their initial target of $150,000 and with additional stretch goals of new characters and content for their game, included a $725,000 target that would allow Mane6 to use and distribute the Z-Engine for free as part of their new game, and challenged the brony community to help towards that via online donation.[19] The goal was met on the final day of the funding campaign, which was on March 27, 2013.[20]"

      Quelle: wikipedia

      Heißt das jetzt, dass man es doch spielen darf und oder Videos veröffentlichen darf, wenn Lauren Faust, die "Mutter" der Ponies, selber mit geholfen hat?
    • Das heißt im Kern, dass das Spiel nichts mehr mit MLP zu tun haben wird. Folglich wird man es spielen, und vermutlich auch Videos machen dürfen. Das ursprüngliche Spiel wird nicht existieren, weil eine gerichtliche Auseinandersetzung mit Hasbro einen Normalsterblichen in den Ruin treiben dürfte.^^
      It doesn't really matter if there is no hope
      As the madness of the system grows