High Quality EyeFrame Converter

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  • High Quality EyeFrame Converter

    Ich möchte euch hier EyeFrame Converter ist ziemlich gut und wird in professionelles Umfeld genutzt z.B für Lightworks.

    Webseite: eyeframeconverter.wordpress.com/download/

    http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=23&id=30817&Itemid=81 schrieb:

    ​EyeFrame Converter
    Convert videos for easy import in Lightworks and lag-free playback on low-end computers with proxies. And convert exported files from Lightworks to an upload friendly format for ex. Vimeo and YouTube.
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    Lightworks can be very picky on import video formats. EyeFrame Converter can convert most video files to Lightworks(free/pro) friendly formats. If the default EFC format is giving you lagging and choppy previews, use the EFC convert to proxies option, which will produce low quality clips for a smooth editing process, which later can be swapped with high quality intermediate files for high quality export. Finally EFC can convert the huge YuYv AVI exported files from Lightworks to small upload friendly mp4 files(for ex. Vimeo and YouTube).Download:eyeframeconverter.wordpress.comGetting started(import in LWKS):In EyeFrame the tabs works as selection of output format, so make sure that the Editing tab is selected and use "LW FREE Mpeg2 I-Frame HD - Proxy Quarter Size" unless you use a Canon EOS camera and therefore needs to use "LW FREE Mpeg2 I-Frame HD - Proxy Quarter Size - Source CanonDSLR".Features:Works in Windows and Linux(under WINE).
    Import any file ffmbc/ffmpeg will open including mts, mov, avi, avs...
    Convert almost anything to a Lightworks(pro & free) import friendly format(ex. Mpeg2 I-Frame HD).
    Create a folder structure for intermediate(high quality), proxy(low quality) and current project files.
    Convert to both intermediate(high quality) and proxy files(low quality) in one go.
    Convert to various Lightworks(pro) formats(ex. ProRes and DNxHD) in intermediate(high quality) and proxy files(low quality) in one go.
    Swap between intermediate(high quality) and proxy files(low quality) in the current project folder.
    Add, edit or reuse unique time code and reel name to selection and inject it in exported mov and mxf files(intermediate and proxy files converted from the same source file will get the same time code and reel name).
    If source already have a time code or reel name then it will be used.
    Convert tif, jpg, png, tga or bmp image sequences with similar named wav file.
    Convert to an upload friendly mp4 format(for ex. YouTube or Vimeo).
    Import Magic Lantern Raw
    Convert to Pal & Ntsc DVD
    Controls:Double-click the EyeFrame Converter icon to open.
    Drag and drop files, folders or image sequences on the EyeFrame Converter GUI or icon.
    'o' key open select files dialog
    'f' key open select folder dialog
    Play media file with double-left-click on thumbnails.
    Open export settings with right-click on thumbnails.
    Press Ctrl or Shift when left-clicking to select more items in one go.
    Edit prefix for file name for selection with right-click on name item.
    Edit time code settings for selection with right-click on time code item.
    Edit reel name settings for selection with right-click on reel name item.
    Edit frame rate settings for selection with right-click on rate item.
    Press F1 for help(this post).
    Press F5 for Convert for edit.
    Press F6 for Swap.
    Press F7 for Convert for upload.
    Get media info by hitting the 'i' key.
    Open ffmbc_log by hitting the 'l' key.
    Delete media from list by hitting 'x' or 'del'.
    Select all media by hitting 'a'.
    'h' or 'c' open view controls.
    Controls for video player(ffplay):q, ESC - Quit.
    f - Toggle full screen.
    p, SPC -Pause.
    a - Cycle audio channel.
    v - Cycle video channel.
    t - Cycle subtitle channel.
    w - Show audio waves.
    left/right - Seek backward/forward 10 seconds.
    down/up - Seek backward/forward 1 minute.
    mouse click - Seek to percentage in file corresponding to fraction of width.