DK Development : Adventure of a Block; Alpha-Tester gesucht!

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  • DK Development : Adventure of a Block; Alpha-Tester gesucht!

    willkommen zu unserem Steckbrief.

    Wir suchen für unsere zukünftige Alpha-Phase einige Tester, die auch bereit sind, Feedback zu geben.
    Meldet euch bitte per E-Mail an :

    Hier unser letzter Blogeintrag:

    Aoab | Dev-Blog #4 – Level Editor and more!
    Posted on 29. July 2016

    What a blast!
    We did probably the most exciting thing so far, we like to call it “Engineception”. And it is: The Level Editor!
    Also, we have to say goodbye to Luk Grätz and say hello to Raimundas Pavilonis!
    But without any further-do let’s get started!
    The Level Creator
    The Level creator gives you the ability to create and share levels with your friends and the whole community. We are planning to add Steam Workshop support so you can reach an even bigger platform to share your awesome creations. Let’s take a small look into some of the features of the Level creator:
    • The Stages
      • The stages are the different heights the level can be played on. So imagine you start in Stage 1, an easy stage with just some gems on it:

    As you now proceed into a higher Stage, for example stage 0 (which makes no sense) using a Teleport platform, the player is able to get on a
    completely different level:

    But why do we call it Engineception? I mean, that’s not a Engine at all, is it?
    That’s true. The point is that WE call it Engineception. We, the Developers. And the Point is, that you somehow have to connect from which Teleport platform you can get to the next one, when the spikes get triggered, etc. Stuff that we do in the Engine, but since we don’t want you to access the Inspector with all it’s Scripts and variables, we had to make a part of the Engine into the Level creator. Engineception.
    • Saving creations
      • Obviously, if you create something, you want to save your work. Our Level creator makes this quite easy:

    • A general overview
      • A overview is mostly at the start of a feature. But I felt that this looks so confusing, that i first wanted to explain what Jan did:
    This is how it looks if created 4 stages, starting with stage 0.
    Your levels will look the same as ours. They will take place on a island just as the ones we created. This is just a state-of-the-art preview.
    And now, let’s get to the Eyecandy! Are you ready? I am!
    For the first step, we will show you pictures of another level we finished:

    Pretty awesome. And let me tell you: It is as hard as it seems
    Here’s a general overview of it before Matt made it beautiful:

    Now we have some images from the darker period of the Game. They don’t have levels on them yet, but I just felt to show them anyway.

    Just some side notes, each blog has it’s own individual mesh – not just a texture. An entire stage, full of bricks has 10.000 Polys, which is as much as one tree.
    But what abilities do we have with that? Well, each brick can have it’s own Physics. Each individual brick can be react different to it’s environment.
    And as you may noticed – we love gifs! And as I just talked about the individual mesh, Matt prepared a gif to show it
    Video Player

    That’s it for this time! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get additional informations.
    Stay tuned!

    Wo sind wir zu finden?
    Homepage: DK Development
    Twitter: @tdkdevelopment

    Das DK Development- Team :)

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