Transformers die Rache [FensterModus] Wie mache ich dies?

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  • Transformers die Rache [FensterModus] Wie mache ich dies?

    Hallo liebe User,
    Ich kann nicht Warten und möchte unbedingt jetzt endlich Transformers Aufnehmen und meine Lösung ohne Dumme Gold/Gelbe Farben (Ja ehm habe Probleme mit Kabel..usw) ist der Window Modus (FensterModus) Aber ich hab keine Ahnung wie es geht..
    Exe habe ich verknüpfung erstellt und -window hingeschrieben ging nicht ;(
  • Google sagt das dazu:

    Wenn man das Spiel im Fenstermodus startet (dazu sind extra Tools notwendig)

    Und dieses:

    For now, the only contrast solution I have found is to use a program called DXWND. Google it, it is freeware.

    What it does is force Full Screen Direct X rendering to run in a Window. For some reason doing this will fix the contrast issue.

    the program once. Under the Edit Menu, pick ADD. Click the three dots
    to browse and point to the Transformers 2 executable. Then run that
    program before you run Transformers. Now the game will run in a Window,
    but the contrast issue should be resolved as it will use Windows now to
    configure the display

    To Re-Size the window, you can download yet
    another freeware program called AUTOSIZER. First run DXWND. Then
    Autosizer. Then Start Transformers 2. Alt-Tab to Autosizer and choose
    the T2.EXE from the list and click options at the bottom. Here you can
    "autosize" to maximize, or choose a pixel size for your window as well
    as tell it to reposition or whatever suits your needs. It looks like it
    will even save your preference for the Window for easy resizing every
    time you run the game.

    DXWND has an option to adjust mouse
    position to keep it at least close to within the game window. I would
    try to make sure all your windows are closed though cuz you don't want
    to click an open web window or icon while playing. You can also force
    the game window to always be on top. I haven't had any problems with the
    mouse so maybe someone who has can try out that stuff and see how it