Ninja Gaiden 2

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    • Ninja Gaiden 2

      Well, as some might know, I'm making a lets play of X-Wing alliance at the moment.
      But I be taking a one / two day break from it, because I want to finish something I started. I said I would play through the whole Ninja Gaiden trilogy without save-states. Today I be playing, and over the next day(s) uploading Ninja Gaiden 2.

      Hope that everyone enjoys it, please comment and post feedback. :)

      Name: Ninja Gaiden 2 The dark sword of Chaos

      System: Super Nintendo (last time I thought the trilogy was on NES, sorry.)

      Autor: Lukas Stoll

      Angefangen am: 6(month)/12(Day)/2010(year)

      Fertiggestellt am: Not done yet, but it will be done :
      End of 6(month)/12(Day)/2010(year) (well I'm done playing it, but there are SO MANY parts to upload it be a while..)
      Genre: Jump and Run

      Beschreibung: Like Ninja Gaiden 1, a difficult and classic jump and run game. But not as difficult as Ninja Gaiden 1.

      Audio-Kommentar: Wie immer, Ja.
      (and to the reply, again, I'm sorry I did this, but trust me when I say I had my reason... I was really annoyed/exhausted, and just let my PC compress/upload while I did other stuff, and I did not feel like rewriting this whole topic on top of that)
      P.S. Sound of vid is kinda loud, but in game too. So not like I was able to fix that, just turn sound down a bit if its to loud.
    • RE: Lets play Ninja Gaiden 2

      Update to mein LP, Alle vids werden jetz ein nach den anderen(jede 30 min ein neus vid ferfugbar) hochgeladen. Hoffe das jeder der es kuckt, auch spass hat.
      Nach den die alle hoch geladen sind, gibs dan ein Ninja Gaiden Spezial. (ne, nicht so toll wie es sich anhort, aber halt ein nicht LP vid)