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Über mich
Über mich
Oh, herro
My name is DJ Not Nice
I'm here to end the hate,
and bring peace between all the Asian race
I mean Korean and Chinese?
We're all really the same.
I mean, we look the same right?
We eat with chopstick?

I'm sad, 'cause my dad,
died fighting for his country's butthole
He told me,
"Son, who cares what color is your skin? We're all Asian.
Some guyslook like Asians, but they're just Mexicans"
Oh, okay!

The Filipino race,
and the Chinese can all be friends
'Cause we're all Asian
Fuck whoever's not

I'm Chinee.
Why can't we,
All just be,
friends with me?
I give you the good rice
In China, we eat Chinee food (I like that)
I'm Chinee
Why not me play Ghandi in movie?
I could break up a hood fight I tell Crips and Blood to be cool
I'm Chinee I know which, ninja killed, Kennedy
I'm one of the good guys I teach secret service, ninja mooooves

Persönliche Informationen
In China we probalby bomb Germany